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Course overview

This e-learning course touches upon the use of health economics in Personalized Medicine. The course begins with the description of the international environment and the basic economic issues which need to be tackled from health economics. Then, an introduction to the notions of human genetics and genomics, Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine is provided, along with their applications, in relation to health economics.

The course continuous with an introduction to health economics, providing and analyzing some aspects of health economics and its relation to the economic science. The course also discusses the decision criteria based on the cost-utility analysis, from which the final decision to adopt or reject a new technology, new therapy, or innovative drug, is derived. In addition, the various ways of assessing the quality of life in cost-utility analysis and utility estimation methods. This section ends with the summary of the disadvantages and the assumptions of the cost-utility analysis. The notion of pricing and reimbursement is also addressed in this course and the means of performing this analysis in different countries, always related to Personalized Medicine. Most importantly,the step-by-step methodology of the economic evaluation is outlined, combined with examples of application in medical practice. In particular, the methodology includes an introduction to the method of economic evaluation, the various aspects of cost-effectiveness analysis with regard to alternative approaches, accompanied by specific examples in medical practice, the appropriate measure of cost-effectiveness analysis and the evaluation criteria that are used in health. In this course, the principles of economic analysis in personalized medicine are thoroughly analyzed, particularly the various economic models used in personalized medicine, both in prospective and in retrospective studies. Finally, the challenges of the economic assessment in the field of personalized medicine and the future perspectives of this discipline are summarized.

Course duration: 3 months

Table of contents

1.The International economic environment

2.Introduction to genomics

3. Introduction to health economics

4. Analyse the aspects of demand in health economics

5.The notion of supply in health economics

6.Stakeholders and decision-making in the healthcare

7.Price and Reimbursement

8. Assessing cost-effectiveness of Personalised Medicine

9. Cost-effectiveness analysis: Determining the cost items

10. Cost-effectiveness analysis: Measuring the effectiveness

11. Conclusion and future perspective


The overall evaluation of the students will be based on the assessment of a task that will be related to the topics discussed in this course.