Mission Statement

As a non-profit organization, our vision is the transfer of knowledge and results from ground-breaking science among local researchers and internationally renowned scientists to the scientific community and the society through participation in collaborative scientific projects, a variety of scientific symposia and educational events, and establishment of public health policies in the field of pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine.

The Golden Helix Foundation is an international non-profit research organization (London-based Charity), aiming to produce and promote research in the field of Personalized Medicine and Health Economics. The Golden Helix Foundation participates in the following international projects:
(a) the Euro-PGx and SEAPharm programs, with the aim of elucidate the diversity of the frequency of pharmacogenomic biomarkers in different countries in Europe and Southeast Asia,
(b) the pan-European prospective pharmacogenomics clinical study PREPARE as part of the European U-PGx program, in which it assumed the leading role in the economic evaluation of genome-guided therapeutic interventions in various clinical centers in 7 countries;
(c) the first prospective clinical pharmacogenomics study in the Middle East Em-HEART, in which it had the leading role in the economic evaluation of genetically-guided therapeutic interventions in cardiovascular disease patients,
(d) the participation in the Genome of Europe program, with co-financing of certain of this program’s activities.

In parallel with these research projects, the Golden Helix Foundation aims to transfer and disseminate the knowledge through collaborative programs and conferences in the field of Pharmacogenomics, Personalized Medicine, Health Economics, Bioinformatics and Bioethics.In particular, (a) more than 55 international conferences have been successfully organized since 2008 all over the world in 44 cities in 25 countries.(b) for the last 5 years, 3-month training seminars have been organized via the Golden Helix Academy online platform.