Genome Informatics

The Golden Helix Foundation has actively participated to develop a number of National/Ethnic Genetic databases and related software that record the incidence of genetic diseases and the corresponding genome variation spectrum, with clinical relevance in various populations and ethnic groups worldwide. These databases are hosted in the Golden Helix Server.

National/Ethnic genetic databases
Genetic databases are gradually assuming an increasing importance in all areas of health care. The National and Ethnic Mutation Databases are continuously updated mutation depositories, recording extensive information over the described genetic heterogeneity of an ethnic group or population. The Golden Helix Foundation has devoted a significant amount of effort to develop the Golden Helix Server, where a number of National/Ethnic Genetic databases are hosted. The Golden Helix Foundation also developed an off-the-shelf bioinformatics suite to facilitate development and curation of National/Ethnic Genetic and Mutation frequency databases. Together with the central and locus-specific databases, those resources not only enhance awareness over the various genetic disorders but also facilitate the provision of genetic services and provide useful insights into the genetic history of human populations.

In 2003, the Golden Helix Foundation has developed specialized software, namely ETHNOS that allows easy development and curation of National and Ethnic Mutation Databases. This software has enabled the development of a number of these resources in various populations, such as Greek, Cypriot, Iranian, Lebanese, Israeli, Egyptian, etc. Descriptions of several of these databases have been published in many peer-reviewed scientific journals and presented in European Human Genetics conferences.

Also, based on the same concept, FINDbase, a worldwide database to record frequencies of causative mutations and pharmacogenetic markers, has been developed. This database has been recently refurbished including many new features and functionalities.

The above projects have been mostly in the framework of collaborative research funded by the European Commission, where members of the Golden Helix Foundation participate as partners or subcontractors.

These projects have been supported by:

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