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The Golden Helix Academy is the main educational activity of the Golden Helix Foundation, aiming to provide high quality education to achieve your goals and aspirations that will assist you by doing the right step to a successful career. The Golden Helix Academy team offers hybrid learning as an effective way to ensure that learning objectives are achieved.

The Golden Helix Foundation gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge on these fields by signing up to attend these e-learning training courses. These courses include both asynchronous and synchronous learning through the Golden Helix Academy’s e-Learning platform. In other words, registered participants can study asyncnronously, at their own convenience, the study material provided by the course and discuss with the instructors live at preallocated times, case studies and questions that may arise from studying the course material.

All e-learning training modules run on the Golden Helix Academy’s e-Learning platform. This e-Learning platform has built-in communication tools to promote interaction among participants and tutors, include e-book reading, presentations and live training and provides you with a flexible, motivating, and productive experience. Both courses cover a wide range of topics including basic terminology, case examples and discussions as well as the benefits of each respective practice. 

The Health Economics course analyses organization and funding of the Healthcare service, the costs of the Healthcare services, the role of Health Economics in decision making, steps to perform an Economic Analysis in clinical trials and more. 

The Personalized Medicine course discusses clinical implementation of genome-guide therapeutics in various medical specialties, regulatory aspects in Pharmacogenomics, ethical implications in genome-guided therapeutics, Public Health Pharmacogenomics, genome informatics and more.

With this 3-month duration program, starting May 2nd 2024, the Golden Helix Academy team offers a hybrid learning model as an effective way to ensure that learning objectives are achieved. 

Duration: 3 months (next start date: 02 May 2024) 

Costs: 490 GBP (for participants from academia, e.g. graduate students, doctoral candidates, faculty members and researchers; proof of academic status must be provided); 650 GBP for other participants

Evaluation: The overall evaluation of the students will be based on the assessment of a task that is related to the topics discussed in this course. 

Currently the following e-learning training courses are available:

  1. Health Economics 
  2. Personalized Medicine

Health Economics

1. Introduction to Health Economics

2. Basic Terminology of Health Economics 

3. Organization and Funding of the Healthcare services

4. The costs of the Healthcare services

5. The benefits of the Healthcare services

6. Evaluating Healthcare interventions from an economic perspective

7. The role of Health Economics in decision making

8. Technical Analysis (Decision trees, Markov models, sensitivity analysis, probabilistic analysis) in Economic Evaluation in Healthcare

9. Βudget Impact Analysis (BIA) and Return on Investment (ROI) 

10. Steps to perform an Economic Analysis in clinical trials

11. Economic assessment in the field of Personalized Medicine

12. Recap and evaluation

Personalised Medicine

1. Introduction and history of Personalised Medicine.

2. Pharmacogenomics in Cardiology (examples and case discussion)

3. Pharmacogenomics in Oncology (examples and case discussion)

4. Pharmacogenomics in Psychiatry (examples and case discussion)

5. Electronic tools for translational pharmacogenomics

6. Regulatory aspects in Pharmacogenomics

7. Pharmacogenomics and whole genome sequencing

8. Population Pharmacogenomics

9. Ethical implications in genome-guided therapeutics

10. Public Health Pharmacogenomics

11. Conclusions and future perspectives

12. Recap and evaluation

Below we provide the resumes of some of the course instructors:

George P. Patrinos

George P. Patrinos is Professor of Pharmacogenomics and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology in the University of Patras (Greece), Department of Pharmacy, Head of Division of Pharmacology and Biosciences of the same Department and holds adjunct Full Professorships at Erasmus MC, Faculty of Medicine, Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and the United Arab Emirates University, College of Medicine, Department of Genetics and Genomics, Al-Ain (UAE). Also, since 2018, he is Chair of the Global Genomic Medicine Collaborative (G2MC). He served for 12.5 years as Full Member and Greece’s National representative in the CHMP Pharmacogenomics Working Party of the European Medicines Agency (EMA). 

George is currently Director of the Laboratory of Pharmacogenomics and Individualized Medicine, the first officially established academic pharmacogenomics laboratory in Greece and Head of Division of Pharmacology and Biosciences. His group has keen interest in research covering disciplines from wet and dry lab and public health genomics projects, all focusing on pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine. In particular, his research interests involve discovery work and clinical implementation of pharmacogenomics, focusing in particular in psychiatry but also cardiology and oncology, genomics of rare disorders and transcriptional regulation of human fetal globin genes. Moreover, George’s group is internationally recognized for its involvement in developing National/Ethnic Genetic databases to document the genetic heterogeneity in different populations worldwide and of genome informatics tools to translate genomic information into a clinically meaningful format. Also, George’s group has a keen interest in public health genomics to critically assess the impact of genomics to society and public health. 

George has more than 320 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, some of them in leading scientific journals, such as The Lancet, Nature GeneticsNature Rev GenetNucleic Acids ResGenes Dev. Also, he has co-authored and co-edited more than 15 textbooks, among which the renowned textbook “Molecular Diagnostics”, published by Academic Press, now in its 3rd edition, while he is the editor of “Translational and Applied Genomics” book series, published by Elsevier. Furthermore, he serves as Editor-In-Chief of the prestigious Pharmacogenomics Journal (TPJ), published by Nature Publishing Group, Associate Editor and member of the editorial board of several scientific journals, such as Human MutationHuman GeneticsHuman GenomicsPharmacogenomics, etc and has been a member of several international boards and advisory and evaluation committees.

Apart from that, George is the main co-organizer of the Golden Helix Conferences, an international meeting series on Pharmacogenomics and Genomic Medicine with more than 50 conferences organized in more than 25 countries worldwide. 

Zeina Al-Mahayri

Zeina is a pharmacogenomics expert fervently committed to transforming the landscape of precision medicine in the Middle East. Holding a Ph.D. in Pharmacogenomics from the United Arab Emirates University, she has honed her expertise with a solid educational foundation, following a Master’s in Genetics and a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy. 

An alumna of the Harvard Medical School’s “Teaching in Medicine” program, Zeina’s dedication to education is palpable in her efforts to propagate pharmacogenomic knowledge employing cutting-edge pedagogical techniques. With more than a decade of research tenure in medical genetics and pharmacogenetics, she has contributed extensively to the scientific community, authoring several scientific articles in renowned international peer-reviewed journals besides book chapters.

Her pioneering work has shed light on rare and novel pharmacogenetic variants within the Emirati population, providing critical insights that can revolutionize precision medicine practices within the region. Zeina’s role as a coordinator of the first pharmacogenomics implementation clinical trial in the UAE and the Middle East in general underscores her leadership and commitment to medical innovation.

As an active participant in the global pharmacogenomics dialogue, Zeina aligns with elite institutions like the Clinical Pharmacogenomics Implementation Consortium (CPIC), where she is a registered implementer of its guidelines. Additionally, she is a Pharmacogenomics Network (PGRN) member, marking her as a pivotal figure in genetics and precision medicine.

In her capacity as an education coordinator for the Golden Helix Foundation, Zeina remains at the vanguard of scientific progress in precision medicine and pharmacogenomics. Her commitment to advancing precision medicine is unwavering, and her endeavors consistently underscore the potential for groundbreaking research and educational outreach to forge new frontiers in healthcare.

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