About the Golden Helix Symposia

The Golden Helix Symposia are high caliper international research meetings.

The theme of these symposia revolves around the fields of genomic and personalized medicine. In particular, the themes of these symposia series are selected by the Golden Helix Foundation International Scientific Advisory Council, closely with the local Organizing Committee, so that new and often ground-breaking science is presented at every meeting. Symposia range in length from 2 to 4 days, and average attendance is 450 participants (ranging from 250 to 900 participants), mainly staff scientists and biomedical researchers, post-doctoral fellows and students from academia, working in the field of personalized research, and also scientists from pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, government agencies and private and research foundations from various countries worldwide. Conference venues are usually prestigious locations in major cities or summer retreats in the Southern Mediterranean or Eastern regions with beautiful surroundings and rich history. In these Symposia, scientific excellence is ensured where important collaborations are formed, careers are enhanced, and new scientific data are presented.