About the Golden Helix Pharmacogenomics Days

The Golden Helix Foundation also organizes, since early 2009, the Golden Helix Pharmacogenomics days, an international educational event series organized in major cities with large academic hospitals. The aim of this event is to provide timely updates on the field of pharmacogenomics to the local biomedical scientists and healthcare providers, to inform them on the application of pharmacogenomics in modern medical practice, and to bring together faculty members from universities and research institutes from the local scientific arena working in the field of pharmacogenomics in order to initiate collaborative projects in this field to the benefit of society. Contrary to the Golden Helix Symposia, the Golden Helix Pharmacogenomics Days have a more educational flavor, span between half-day to a full day in length and attract on average 150 participants (mostly between 120 and 220 participants). Registration is free-of-charge, attracting mostly local participants but also participants from neighboring countries and regions.