Are you interested in Health Economics? Do you want to learn more about Personalized Medicine and its applications? 

The Golden Helix Foundation gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge on these fields by signing up to attend these e-learning training courses. These courses include both asynchronous and synchronous learning through the Golden Helix Academy’s e-Learning platform. In other words, registered participants can study asyncnronously, at their own convenience, the study material provided by the course and discuss with the instructors live at preallocated times, case studies and questions that may arise from studying the course material.

The Golden Helix Academy is the main educational activity of the Golden Helix Foundation, aiming to provide high quality education to achieve your goals and aspirations that will assist you by doing the right step to a successful career. 

All e-learning training modules run on the Golden Helix Academy’s e-Learning platform. This e-Learning platform has built-in communication tools to promote interaction among participants and tutors, include e-book reading, presentations and live training and provides you with a flexible, motivating, and productive experience. Both courses cover a wide range of topics including basic terminology, case examples and discussions as well as the benefits of each respective practice. 

The Health Economics course analyses organization and funding of the Healthcare service, the costs of the Healthcare services, the role of Health Economics in decision making, steps to perform an Economic Analysis in clinical trials and more. 

The Personalized Medicine course discusses clinical implementation of genome-guide therapeutics in various medical specialties, regulatory aspects in Pharmacogenomics, ethical implications in genome-guided therapeutics, Public Health Pharmacogenomics, genome informatics and more.

With this 3-month duration program, starting May 2nd 2024, the Golden Helix Academy team offers a hybrid learning model as an effective way to ensure that learning objectives are achieved. 

Find more about the Golden Helix Academy and register on the following link