The 4th U-PGx Personalized Medicine Day was successfully co-organized by the Golden Helix Foundation and Karolinska Institutet, both partners of the Ubiquitous Pharmacogenomics (U-PGx) project, funded by the European Commission (H2020-668353).The Ubiquitous Pharmacogenomics (U-PGx) project aims to promote the clinical application of pharmacogenomics knowledge, which will result in less ‘trial and error’ prescribing more efficacious, safer and cost-effective drug therapy. The personalized medicine model is conducted at a large scale in seven existing European health care environments in the Netherlands, Spain, UK, Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Greece.

The active participation of the attendees as well as the interesting lectures provided by internationally renowned lecturers and professors on the Genomic Medicine and Pharmacogenomics fields, informed and enlightened the audience on how pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine can be available to every patient. The meeting took place on 18 June 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden, at the STRIX lecture hall of the Karolinska Institutet. 

We would like to kindly thank the following speakers for honoring us with their presence and for their contribution on the meeting success:  

Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg (Stockholm, SE)

George P. Patrinos (Patras, GR)

Matthias Schwab (Stuttgart, DE)

Ingolf Cascorbi (Kiel, DE)

Erik Eliasson (Stockholm, SE)

Henk-Jan Guchelaar (Leiden, NL)

Siv Jönsson (Uppsala, SE)

Marin Jukic (Stockholm SE)

Richard Rosenquist Brandell (Stockholm, SE)

Julia Stingl (Bonn, DE) 


The 4th U-PGx Personalized Medicine Day was an international event open for clinical pharmacologists, hospital pharmacists, general pharmacists, specialists, general practitioners, medical students, laboratory technicians, regulators, healthcare insurers and others interested in pharmacogenomics.

We look forward to welcoming you at the 5th U-PGx Personalized Medicine Day, which will be organized on September 21st, 2018 in Liverpool, UK. For more information and registration, please click here.