This landmark symposium, presented by The Golden Helix Foundation and the Pharmacogenomics Access & Reimbursement Coalition (PARC), was one-day interactive event made up of plenary keynotes from thought leaders across healthcare, focused on value-based strategies to improve patient access to personalized medicine. 

Stakeholders including patients, providers, industry, government agencies, payer organizations, health systems and health policy organizations will convene to define opportunities to improve patient access to personalized medicine through best practices, successful reimbursement models, high quality economic evaluations and strategic alignment.

 Topics was discussed at PARC 2020:

• Comparative Effectiveness Research for pharmacogenomics

• State-of-the-art value assessment frameworks for pharmacogenetics testing

• Pulling back the curtain on real-world evidence and pharmacogenomics

• New frontiers in cost containment

• Economic evaluations: ensuring quality trials and addressing challenges

• New methods and measures for improved economic evaluation and efficiency measures in pharmacogenomics to gain advances in increasing value and promote health-seeking behavior

• Identifying the most promising payer engagement strategies

• Strategies for producers and payers to collaborate throughout the product life cycle