The Golden Helix Academy is part of the educational activities of the Golden Helix Foundation. The main aim of the Golden Helix Academy is to provide, in concert with established academic institutions, e-learning training in the field of Genomic and Precision Medicine including but not limited to Pharmacogenomics and Genomic Medicine, Public Health Genomics, Genome Informatics, Economics and Health Technology Assessment in Genomics, Nutrigenomics and Ethics in genomics (Genethics). 

The Golden Helix Academy in order to cover your needs and meet your high level learning expectations, offers three different types of training:

E-Learning courses

E-learning training modules are related to Genomic Medicine topics, such as Economic Evaluation in genomic medicine, introduction to Bioinformatics for clinical genome interpretation, pharmacogenomics in clinical care and drug discovery and Nutrigenomics. All courses run on the Academy’s e-Learning platform. The Golden Helix Academy e-Learning platform has built-in communication tools to promote interaction among participants and tutors and provide you with a flexible, motivating and productive experience. They are available every trimester and designed for healthcare professionals and biomedical scientists, who wish to enrich their knowledge on these emerging disciplines. 

On-site training courses

On-site training courses are provided on a regular basis at our sites, aiming to provide hands-on experience to those who already work in, and those who would like to enter the Genomic and Precision Medicine disciplines.

On-demand on-site training

The Golden Helix Academy offers the option of on-site training on demand, where experienced instructors provide training of academic or corporate staff on demand at your premises, namely your institution or company in your own country. On-demand on-site training courses are tailor-made to meet your needs and time schedule. The themes of the on-demand on-site training revolve around Pharmacogenomics, Cancer Genomics, Economics and Health Technology Assessment, and Genome Informatics. 


Modules on all offered types of training are provided in English, as well as in local languages, where applicable. All modules lead to academic certificates. 

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