1st U-PGx Personalized Medicine Public Day, London, UK

6 December, 2017 -

London, UK

One of the most important prerequisites of the successful implementation of pharmacogenomics into the clinic is the increase of the general public’s awareness over the benefits of pharmacogenomics in rationalizing drug use.

Recognizing this fact, the Golden Helix Foundation organizes in London the 1st UPGx Personalized Medicine Public Day. The theme of the meeting will be "Is Personalised Medicine available for all citizens?" and will be organized in the Royal Society in the afternoon of December 6th, 2017 (18:00 - 21:30 p.m.) and is part of the dissemination and outreaching activities of the Ubiquitous Pharmacogenomics (UPGx) project, funded by the European Commission (H2020-668353).

This event is meant for the general public, patient organisations, regulators, insurers and policy makers.

Registration is FREE-OF-CHARGE. During the break, drinks and food will be served for free.

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